Are You an active woman, who doesn’t have time to take care of your nails? Do You bite your nails or have naturally weak plate? This solution is for you!

Nail extensions are a great way to make them be always in suitable shape, length and color providing comfort and elegance of hands in every situation. The big advantage is the prolonged duration of nails and their strength. Prolonging treatment should be repeated every 3-4 weeks, depending on the speed of growth of the natural nail.

The gel is a material flexible and soft that gives the impression of naturalness.
Therefore, the mass gel delights transparency and naturalness.

Gel nails, which are made ​​by me, are very strong and at the same time thin and natural looking.

Gel does not absorb moisture from the nail so it does not require humidification. However, I advise to apply cuticle oil, through which the nails do not lose weight flexibility, and the weight will not go away.
Gel nails extensions
Reconstruction bitten nails extensions
Infills 3-4 weeks
Art design, crystals, Swarovski, etc
Wedding nails (special occasion)