Hair Extensions

Hair extensions with use of Keratin.

Keratin improves the structure of the hair, smoothing the surface, which improves the regeneration. This is also 100% the safest method of hair extension for natural hair. The husk keratin is really famous for its benefits of regeneration and also that it can be used on dry, damaged and brittle hair.

This involves keratin twists of natural hair and a heating sealer in which is being operated at low temperature to make sure that the keratin melts and not the hair, in which this closes the keratin.

After approx.. 3-4 months of wearing the hair, it takes off the strands of a special liquid which also has no effect on the quality and condition on your natural hair.

This method is intended primarily for clients that have allergies to nickel and for those who do not want to see the place of attachment (eg. Combing up) is also expensive, since the hair have been taken down they are no good to use for second time.

I do own the highest quality of natural hair in wide range of colours, which ensures a perfect selection of colours close to clients hair. Hairs are being produced with REMY formula in which this means that each husk is in the same direction, which provides more comfort and eliminates excessive tangling. However keep this in mind that the our hair will behave differently as they are not attached to the skin but to your hair so the behaviour of hair extension might be little different but this shouldn’t make any discomfort for your use. Also our hair can be dyed, straighten, curled. DO NOT BLEACH THE HAIR !!!

Consultation is being made at first to choose date and colour. The £100 of deposit is being taken during the consultation. The rest of the price is being paid after the service. If the person does not turn up for the appointment date there is no deposit refund !!!