Hair Lamination

Immediate hair repair by lamination. Treatment that takes from 45mis to 1hour. People with short hair, long hair or even curly hair are more than welcome to try this service. It is known for its immediate repair of hair looks. Especially for colourized and unruly hair.

Lamination treatment is a helping treatment for splitting and damaged hair by colourization. The idea of the treatment is to make a permanent cover which will secure and smooth the skin of your hair. The effect is immediate and the broken husks are closed up on the full length of hair. The idea of this lamination process is to fill up the damaged structure of hair with natural keratin, which will close all broken husks on full hair length and to get rid of a splitting ends. This process will also achieve hydration and healing of your hair. The look of the hair is guaranteed just like on the advertisement. Shiny, silky and soft.