This treatment is based on keratin which involves the use of straightener, blow dryer and oil, also this treatment is called Brazilian Blow Dry. As this treatment is finished the look of your hair will be magnificent and your hair will shine just like Gisele’s Bundchen or Nicole’s Richie. This is the effect keratin being straighten into your hair.

This treatment is mostly recommended for women who don’t have as much time to put the hair up or for those who just don’t like doing their hair up. What this treatment does is puts the hair up very carefully and this effect lasts from 3 to 6 months. This treatment has been used for the first time 5 years ago in Brazil, and this is where its name came from La-Braziliana. At first this treatment has been recommended for celebrities, but these days this treatment is recommended for everyone. As they have been provided with special straightener that flows deeply into your hair. La-Braziliana treatment is recommended for every type of hair, even for those who have/had their hair dyed, highlighted, braking hair as in if they snap easily and also for hair that regenerate under the hydration.

Keratin is melting natural hair protein, which can be found in other products such as conditioners. Small particles do build up into your natural hair that have missing ingredients that do keep the structure of your hair build. Keratin has its job to make sure that your hair are stronger, the volume of your hairs density and also to improve your hair shininess. Keratin as a natural product is being use in production of hair sprays, hair paints and also permanent waves. Hydrazination of keratin has been used for many years now to produce conditioners for broken hair, easily snapping hair and dry hair. This treatment is really good as keratin joins with your hair and prevents its self from washing off, even multi-time washing won’t be able to wash the keratin off as this is a treatment to make your hair healthier. On based practice and theory of this treatment hairdressers are convincing themselves and others that permanent straitening with use of keratin is much better as it regenerates the hair, giving your hair an outstanding shape, and makes the hair healthier and gives it outstanding look, which also makes your hair look healthier.