Paraffin Wax

Paraffin is a hydrocarbon, obtained by the distillation of crude oil. Contains natural (natural meaning not achieved by chemical reactions initiated by a human) Greases.
Although paraffin doesn’t moisturise, after application the skin forms a layer that retains moisture in the skin.

 Paraffin wax treatment for hands is carried out to make the skin smooth and to give it a more radiant look. Apart from this, this treatment improves blood circulation to the skin and thereby, improves the skin tone, warms and relaxes muscles, soothes aching joints, and in turn improves the absorption of active ingredients in the preparations.

Paraffin is the perfect solution for cracked, dry and damaged skin on the hands and feet. It regenerates both your skin and nails. Skin after application of wax is perfectly smooth hand soft. The effect of the treatment lasts for several days. It is recommended especially in the cold season (autumn, winter) because of its strong warming effect.
The treatment is deeply moisturizing effect due to additional use of skin care products based on collagen. Lightens pigmentation and premature ageing.

Paraffin can’t be used for people with osteoporosis, because hot paraffin causes bone softening.
Hands Paraffin Wax (soak,scrub,mask)
Feet Paraffin Wax (soak,scrub,mask)