Ultrasound Hair Treatment

Ultrasound treatment is based on infrared clip lifting repair. This method is being used with infrared straightener for hair care and curation.

The infrared hair technology is being used to repair/regenerate the cells of broken hair and also to stimulate the circulation of blood in your hair roots, in which this allows your hair roots to be healed.

Thanks to the actions of ambipolar light with its frequency of 6800hz and also the length of 680nm in amino-acids, there are being new connections in which the regenerate the flexibility in the fibres of your hair, and its husk is being closed up. Hair becomes outstandingly healthier and shinier.

This treatment can be repeated after 2 months of each time the treatment has been done. NO SHORTER THAN 2 MONTHS !!!

The time total length of this treatment takes up to 1 hour.